Family Tree Portraits

Thank you so much for the family tree, we absolutely love it! It really captures our family well and there are so many nice details in the tree.
— Mina, SW13

Weird and One-off-derful 

Everyone's family is weird. There's no escaping it. And since you're stuck with your particular brand of weirdness, you might as well embrace it. And how better to do that than to commission a portrait of your family members balanced precariously in the boughs of your very own family tree? Even better, you can convey all manner of in-jokes and eccentricities through a judicious selection of props and poses. See my helpful form for ideas on how to design your family tree.


£300-£400 (depending on the number of figures to feature in the tree) + P&P.

This price includes an A3 frame without mount. For an A2 frame with white or coloured mount + £40. 
For examples of framing options see here.

For help with describing your family in tree-speak, see the Hilarious Latinesque Label Creator.


Fill in my enquiry form or email me. For some help imagining your family tree, look here.


The family tree is handmade using ink and watercolour and is produced on A3 300gsm paper. 

Additional digital prints can also be ordered. These are produced on high quality photographic paper. Unframed: £40
Framed in A3 frame (no mount): + £15
Framed in A2 frame with A3 mount: + £40

Thank you so so much for our wonderful family tree. We all love it so much and keep noticing new details every time we look at it. It’s perfect and I know my parents will be blown away.
— Lizzie, W9