Advent calendar

Sweeten your child's run-up to Christmas with a handmade personalised advent calendar. 

Just choose from four designs...

... and get decorating!

Each calendar is adorned with 24 beautiful numbered golden clips which can be used to carry all sorts of little treats. So just think, what kind of treat-seeker is going to be receiving this calendar? What will light up their eyes every morning in the long wait til Christmas? From toys to jewellery, sweets to crayons. The options are endless... 


This advent calendar may be a one-off wonder but it is no one-hit wonder. You can use it again and again. When Christmas is over, simply roll up the calendar and tuck it away until next Advent when you can unfurl it and sail forth yet again into Christmas waters. 


Each calendar costs £50 plus postage and packaging.


Option to purchase your child's name in stick-on felt letters for an additional £5. Stick them on with your child as a crafting activity.



Each calendar is handmade from felt and is hung from green satin ribbon threaded through a hardwood dowel. The grey felt measures 55cm by 70cm and the wooden dowel is 60cm long. The calendar has 24 numbered maple discs and 24 pretty little golden crocodile clips on which to hang gifts/sweets. Please note, the calendars are supplied without sweets or gifts. This is your chance to get creative!

Quick buy treat ideas

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