Hilarious Latinesque Label Creator

The Family Tree label is one of the best parts of the present. Either rely on me to come up with the wording, or have a go yourself using the form below. 

Line 1: The [Your recipient surname] family tree
Obviously this does not need to be real Latin. It can be a joke on your family name. Or it can be the Latin for any overriding characteristics of your family. Or just a funny translation of your family name. Eg if your family name is Longbottom we might look up 'long' and 'buttocks' in Latin and stick them together in a highly irreverent fashion.
You just need to think of characteristics of your family, and particularly the recipient, and we can translate them into tree-speak. Please refer to the handy guide below if you are unfamiliar with tree-speak.

Some examples:


If your family has huge numbers of children, your tree: "is known for its prolific production of fruit."

If your family is noisy/rude/brash, your tree: "has a mighty/tough/abrasive bark"

If your family is brilliant, your tree: "tends to overshadow all surrounding vegetation." 

If your family love eating and drinking, your tree: "requires frequent feeding and watering."

If your family contains people from diverse backgrounds, your tree: "has wide-reaching roots".

If your family goes to Marbella a lot, your tree: "requires plenty of sunlight."

If your family is particularly beautiful/sensitive, your tree: "...bears a beautiful/delicate/fragrant blossom".

Ir your family is very sociable and/or runs a soup kitchen, your tree: "...is much frequented by birds and other forms of wildlife."

If your family is unusual, your tree: "...is a rare and exotic specimen."

If your family is sophisticated/artsy, your tree: "...is a highly cultivated genus."