Poetic Portrait

He adored it and was virtually crying when he read the poem - he was SO touched. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!
— Poppy, W11

How better to celebrate a beloved person, be it your Dad, Godfather, boyfriend or cat, than by commissioning an illustrated poetic tribute? All you have to do is think about them as hard as you can. What do they do? What do they love? What makes them who they are? I will do the rest...


£250 + P&P.
This price includes an A3 frame without mount.
For an A2 frame with white or coloured mount + £40. 
For examples of framing options see here.


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The portrait is handmade using ink and watercolour and is produced on A3 300gsm paper. 

Additional digital prints can also be ordered. These are produced on high quality photographic paper.

Unframed: £40
Framed in A3 frame (no mount): + £15
Framed in A2 frame with A3 mount: + £40