What is a One-Off Wonder?

Well for starters, there's you. There's no need to blush, I'm not paying you an empty compliment. I mean it when I say that there is nobody else quite like you. You are a one-off. And a wonder at that.

Capture the rapture

My One-off-wonders are an attempt to capture the rapture of being a particular human being right here right now on this pretty little planet. Life is a short journey from start to finish and often the terrain is difficult or just flat and dry. But there are streams of pure joy. Some are abundant and some are hidden way underground. But it's those that I want to hunt down. And splash in. And bottle up for those soul-thirsty moments on the road ahead. 

Spread the love

With their high thoughtcount, One-off-wonders make ideal presents for the people you love. For the people you don't love so much, feel free to go with the socks.