To cut a long story short

We are utterly delighted. It is fabulous and charming and highly amusing. Astonishing how you brought it to life. I couldn’t be happier.
— Sam, N1

There is nothing quite like the random wonderfulness of two beings colliding. This comic strip celebrates the miracle of how a couple got together, along with every other detail of their happily ever after. 

Chapter & Verse.
What's your story?

Give me a beginning and an end and as many gory details, in-jokes and memories as you can muster in between - the more the merrier - and I will capture your one-off story.


£350-£450 (depending on complexity and number of pictures) plus P&P. 

This prices includes an A3 frame without mount.
For an A2 frame (with your choice of white or coloured mount) + £40.
For examples of framing options see here.


To order your cartoon just fill in this form or just email me.


The comic strip is produced in ink and watercolour on A3 300gsm paper. A typical comic strip of a courtship has between 25 and 35 individual pictures.

Additional digital prints can also be ordered. These are produced on high quality photographic paper. Unframed: £40
A3 frame (no mount): + £15
A2 frame with A3 mount: + £40



All loves catered for: Romantic, Platonic, Cupboard

Each comic strip is 100% personalised so it does not have to tell the story of a courtship. Many have used it to celebrate even more amazing stories of friendships. Others still have commissioned the comic to tell the 'story of a loved one's life' featuring all the highlights from the moment of their birth to, eg, their 40th, 50th, 60th birthday. 

We can’t thank you enough for the fantastic personalised cartoon you made for our sister and brother in law. It was the perfect gift for their 10 year anniversary. They were truly touched and very emotional on receiving it.
— Sarah, N3
I was thrilled with the story of my life. Disturbing as it is to turn 40 and think how much of my life I have wasted, it is wonderful to have a comic strip to remind me of all the fantastic things in a fun way
— Andrew, N3